Electric Bike Company Benefits

One of the best benefits of being an electric bike company is the fact that it can help you reduce the amount of carbon emissions that you create. Another is the fact that it can help you reduce your employee’s absenteeism and frustration levels. In addition, if you have a Prescription-a-bike program, then you can increase the number of people who can access these bikes.

Investing in employees’ health and wellness reduces absenteeism

Investing in employees’ health and wellness is a key element in lowering absenteeism and promoting employee productivity. A well-rounded wellness program not only improves employee health, but also promotes healthy habits.

According to a recent study, a wellness program can help lower absenteeism by as much as 14-19 percent. These programs promote healthier, more active behavior and teach individuals how to manage their health conditions.

Employers should consider integrating a wellness program into their company’s overall strategic plan. The benefits of implementing a program include: increased engagement and morale, fewer sick days, and improved work productivity.

Investing in workers’ health and wellness reduces carbon emissions

Health systems play a central role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. They contribute around 4 to 5% of total global emissions. However, their contribution is not uniform. This has led to research to estimate the emissions profile of national health systems.

An approach that combines bottom-up data with top-down economic modelling has been used to quantify the carbon footprint of the National Health Service in England. The results show that the NHS had a 25-megatonne carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) footprint in 2019, down from a 1990 high of 35 megatonnes.

Prescription-a-bike program to increase access to e-bikes

The National Park Service has issued a rule that allows superintendents to permit the use of e-bikes on park trails. This rule is in response to the NPS Organic Act, which authorizes a management framework for e-bikes. It also allows a superintendent to modify the use of e-bikes.

The National Park Service rule recognizes that there is no one correct solution to implementing the use of e-bikes in parks. Instead, it focuses on providing flexibility for superintendents, and it gives a wide range of discretionary options.

Tektro Dorado 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes

Tektro Dorado 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes are a great addition to your e-bike. They work very well and are easy to install.

The company has more than twenty employees and offers sales in the USA, Taiwan and Europe. While not the largest company out there, Tektro is a reputable name and one that you should seriously consider if you are in the market for a new pair of brakes.

Tektro manufactures a wide range of products, but the moto is their hydraulic disk brakes. These offer increased power and improved reliability.

Custom-made e-bike specific tires

Electric bike companies have found new ways to use custom-made e-bike specific tires to help increase e-bike safety and stability. Fat tires provide added stability, making e-bikes more comfortable to ride. But they do add weight and require a strong suspension to handle the extra load.

Fat tires also add traction and control, keeping a rider grounded on any terrain. They also offer the ability to go far on snow-ploughed roads. So, if you’re an avid mountaineer, you should equip your e-bike with fat tires.

Stainless steel rust-resistant hardware

One of the best ways to maintain your electric bike is to have all of its hardware made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials available, and it resists rusting and staining, too. However, like any other metal, stainless steel can corrode when it comes into contact with moisture or other chemicals.

In order to prevent rusting, you should apply a rust-resistant coating after cleaning. There are several different kinds of corrosion-resistant coatings, including black chromium plating and autophoretic coating. You can also buy bolts that are designed specifically to withstand corrosion. These bolts are made of either stainless steel or titanium.

EBC’s packaging is an area of pride

For a small business, EBC Printing’s packaging has always been an area of pride. As a family owned business, the owners take the time to explain how they put the finishing touches on their product. This allows their clients to be assured of getting the best service possible. A dedicated battery room, as well as an educated staff, are all part of the experience.

The aforementioned battery proofing method also helps keep EBC’s production running smoothly. As part of their commitment to their community, they have teamed up with organizations like Every Bite Counts. In the first semester of their partnership, EBC logged 450 trays of the good stuff, which equates to 6,750 servings of the good stuff. While these numbers might not seem a lot, the aforementioned organization manages to send food to several local meal centers, such as CASPAR Emergency Services and the New England Center for Homeless Veterans.