MaxAB Benefits For Online B2B Marketplace WaystoCap

There are plenty of companies that offer supply chain solutions. Some of them are large and some are small. The biggest challenge for them is finding the best way to improve their operations. This is especially true when they are dealing with traditional retailers. That is where MaxAB benefits can come in. They offer a one-stop shopping experience for these types of companies.

Acquisition of WaystoCap

WaystoCap is an online B2B marketplace that connects retailers with suppliers across Africa. The firm has expertise in the Maghreb region, including Morocco. It also has a presence in several West African cities.

In 2017, WaystoCap raised $3 million in a seed round. The startup was backed by Y Combinator, Rise Capital, Beco Capital and Flourish Ventures.

Initially, WaystoCap was a cross-border trade platform for business goods in Africa. Now, it serves retailers across the region and beyond. Originally based in Morocco, the company has expanded into four African countries.

Today, MaxAB, the largest e-commerce platform in Egypt, has acquired the Moroccan startup. This is MaxAB’s first step towards regional expansion.

With the acquisition of WaystoCap, MaxAB will be able to supply essential food to over 70,000 retailers across multiple markets. To do this, MaxAB will combine its technology with the firm’s experience in the Maghreb market.

With the acquisition, MaxAB is positioning itself as the leading e-commerce platform in the Middle East. Using its new capital, the startup will also expand its technology team and finance its e-commerce growth.

One-stop shopping experience for traditional retailers

A lot has changed in the land of brick and mortar since the mall went the way of the dinosaur, but it’s still a great place to shop. For example, did you know that one European retailer captured nearly 5% of its online sales in the aforementioned land? That’s a pretty cool number for a brick and mortar store and it’s something that the traditional grocer will no doubt be looking into as the market grows and matures.

It’s easy to see why a retail store of any type is going to have to evolve with the times, and for the foreseeable future. In addition to a robust online presence, retailers need to be nimble, mobile-first and ready to respond to customer demand. One thing that’s for sure is that consumers aren’t willing to forgo the experience of shopping in a physical store. Fortunately, savvy retailers have been able to take advantage of a changing consumer behavior and a shrinking physical retail footprint to their advantage.

End-to-end supply chain solutions

If you are a business looking for end-to-end supply chain solutions, MaxAB may be your answer. The company offers business intelligence tools, on-demand delivery services, and a variety of value-added services for food retailers.

MaxAB works with a network of traditional retailers, as well as informal food retailers. Its platform connects suppliers and retailers across Africa and the Middle East.

MaxAB offers a range of services, including the ability to accept electronic payments, credit facilities, and capital financing. The company also offers real-time demand monitoring to help brands make better purchasing decisions.

As of late, the company has been expanding its operations in the Middle East and North Africa. To achieve this goal, it plans to hire more staff and expand its product portfolio.

Since its launch, MaxAB has grown more than five times. The company now has more than 1,600 employees, and supplies more than 55,000 merchants.

MaxAB has received funding from investors like Crystal Stream Capital, RMBV, and Flourish Ventures. RMBV, which is a prominent impact investor in North Africa, led the Series A round of investment.

Business intelligence tools

Providing supply chain solutions, MaxAB offers a one-stop shopping experience that empowers traditional retailers. By connecting informal food retailers with suppliers, the company ensures that products reach the right place at the right time. Since its launch, the company has served over 55,000 retailers. It has created more than 1,600 direct jobs and has processed more than 1 million orders.

The company’s business intelligence tools offer a clear view of small retailers’ preferences, helping them to tailor product offerings to meet their needs. They also provide real-time demand monitoring, which helps brands to make informed purchasing decisions. In addition, MaxAB provides suppliers with an accurate picture of the impact of their strategies.

MaxAB has recently announced that it has acquired WaystoCap, a B2B e-commerce platform that serves a network of 8,000 retailers in Morocco. The acquisition will allow the startup to expand its operations across the Maghreb region. With the acquisition, MaxAB can now serve more than 70,000 retailers in multiple markets. This deal will also help the startup to strengthen its position as a leading B2B e-commerce platform in the Middle East and Africa.